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Spa and Wellness

Stay smooth and sleek all year long. Waxing is not just about hair removal, it is a skin treatment as well.

*By appointment only*

801- 465-8777



Brows - $15

Removal of overgrown or virgin eyebrow hairs. Detailed and designed to fit face shape.


Full Face - $30

Experience the benefits of facial exfoliation for your whole face while removing the unwanted hair. Leaves your face feeling soft and silky!


Chest or Back - $50

Treatment for males. Full removal of either the chest OR back, from the neck to the waistline.  Includes shoulders.


Full Leg - $65

Hair is removed from ankle to the thigh on the front and back of each leg. 


Bikini - $30 & up

Removal of hair slightly deeper than bikini line on the sides and off the top. All done according to client preference.


Lip, Chin, sideburns, cheeks or Ears - $10

Target those trouble areas on the face. In no time at all, any unwanted peach fuzz will be gone!


Underarms - $20

Removal of hair in the armpit areas. Hair growth significantly slowed, allowing for more time between shaves. 


Half Leg - $40

Removal of hair on the front and back of either lower leg (ankle to the knee) or upper leg (knee to bikini) on both legs, front and back.


Full Leg & Bikini - $75

Your entire lower half is taken care of in this combo treatment. Front and back of both legs from the ankle to the thigh, and into the bikini line on the sides and top. 


Brazilian - $60 & up

Front to back, it all goes! Clients may request small sections to be left. 

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